Quadcopter Awesome


This video clearly illustrates why it's bad to allow us to have too many toys as adults.  Such things just lead to us imagining new uses for our toys that should probably be left undiscovered.  I'm sure, after watching this, my daughter will be quite happy that I didn't acquire my quadcopter until well past the age of her losing her baby teeth.

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Kayaker Makes Great Find


Photo by James Malott

According to a story I noticed on Viral Forest, a pair of kayakers wandering the Ohio River stumbled across a fascinating discovery... A 110-year-old ship with a pretty interesting past.

Aside from its normal day job as a sight-seeing vessel in New York city, this ship was apparently also used in both World Wars. Perhaps its greatest claim to fame is that it allegedly made a cameo appearance in Madonna's 1986 video, Papa Don't Preach.

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300 Locations!


Can you believe it?  Three hundred locations explored and posted to this site!

It's been amazing getting to this point, and I hope to bring you many more in the future.  A big thanks to everyone who visits, and a special thank you to my regulars who keep coming back for more.

Here's to the next 300!

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Trouble Photographing Power Plant


Gary Sprague, 52, Vice President of the New Kensington Camera Club runs afoul of authorities after taking photos of a power plant from a public right-of-way.  This kind of thing happens more often than you think.  Take a read through the article here.

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JFK's Florida Bunker


Constructed in 1918, Peanut Island, as it is called, is a man-made island originally for the shipment of peanut oil.  Later, however, it would be used for the construction of a bunker complex for the President while on vacation in Florida.

According to the article on NBC News, the museum which has been open since 1999 greets about 12,000 visitors annually.

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