Blairhampton House

While spending a typical Sunday afternoon wandering back roads, I spotted this interesting little place. Initially, nothing was really outstanding about the place until I noticed something.

In a few spots around the yard were holes in the ground. Not just any holes... Holes that were just the right length, width and not a bad depth for a grave. I'm sure they weren't... were they?

You decide.

Dutch Line House

While cruising along the back roads of Ontario on another Sunday drive, I noticed this little place peeking out from the surrounding trees. The first glance tells you it's probably pretty darned old. I found the wood trim around the outside quite interesting.

Inside it's in surprisingly good shape, and I wonder if someone hadn't tried to make another go of it, perhaps as a camp or summer get-away. In any event, while there wasn't a lot inside, I still found the whole look and feel of it to be quite interesting.

Rankin House

Another place that I've driven past countless times and somehow missed. Better late than never, perhaps.

Lots of interesting things to see inside, it appears that someone has pretty much piled up all of a lifetime's worth of junk, or maybe more. Even the grounds surrounding this house are an open warehouse of things someone must have use for.

But it's these things that make a place even more interesting than it already is, so I'm grateful for that.

Monteith Mansion

On a warm, sunny Sunday, I set out with a list of targets programmed into my trusty GPS. Unfortunately, my GPS decided to be not-so-trusty. After a botched map upgrade, it essentially developed amnesia.

I only had an idea of the location of one of the targets off the top of my head, so I continued on my way.

I arrived and took a nice walk through the woods, following the path I assumed was the correct one. Rising up a hill, I could make it out through the trees. I had arrived.

Observatory House


From what I've been able to piece together, this building was originally constructed as a dedicated observatory for the Canadian Astronomical Research Group in 1976. The equipment, apparently including a 24" telescope, was removed in 1997, and the building converted into a private home.

Source: Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Newsletter, Vol. 71, p.L7

Flaxton House

A target of opportunity as I was driving along on vacation through North Dakota, this house sat abandoned by the side of the road. There were some interesting items left behind, and a shirt in the closet that bore the emblem of the Arizona State Police.

Snodden Road House

I've been here a couple of times before, but for some reason hadn't been quite convinced it wasn't being used, at least as some kind of hunt camp. I decided to go back out for another look and realized I must have been on crack not to have noticed before.

Wrigley Mansion


There are very few mentions of the history of this location online, and those are contradictory. Speaking with a local gentleman walking his dog, this is what I was able to learn.

Made from stone, and the victim of a devastating fire, this beautiful old house, and its scenic property are still being cared for by the current owner. It was built in the '50's, and the Wrigley's were good people who sold the products from their farm to the local community.

Caboose House

I was out for a relaxing drive on what may turn out to be among the last warm, sunny days of 2011. As I drove past this place, I had to do a double-take. Did I just see a caboose in the front yard? Seriously?

After a quick switch into reverse, I realized, yes, yes indeed. It was a caboose in the front yard. Moreover, the house was abandoned. Such luck.