George's Island


Originally named Ile a la Raquette (Snowshoe Island), this island located in Halifax harbour was renamed George Island in 1749 after King George II. From the mid-18th century until after World War II, it played a part in the defense of Halifax.

During the 1750's, the island served as a prison of Acadians during the Great Upheaval.

CFS Carp - Diefenbunker


In 1958, it was decided that a nuclear shelter to protect the seniors of the Canadian Government would be built. In addition, several other such shelters would be built around the country to aid in dealing with nuclear emergency and rebuilding. Construction of CFS Carp, the largest facility, began in 1959 in an abandoned gravel pit that was found to have an underground water spring.

CFS Ramore


Construction was completed on the USAF's Ramore Air Station in 1953. The station was first manned by the USAF's 912th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron. The early warning 917th AC&W Squadron resided there until January 1962. During this time, the Americans became a big part of the surrounding area's community life.

CFS Falconbridge


Completed in July, 1952, as 209 RCAF Radio Station, this radar station made up part of the Pinetree Line, a string of radar stations used to defend against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Shortly afterwards, it was renamed RCAF Falconbridge. It was manned by the 33 Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron. It became part of the SAGE defense network in 1963.