Alford Station and Switch House

Alford Station and Switch House
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Rail Sites Abandoned Pennsylvania United States
Submitted by Mike on Mon, 10/28/2013 - 15:15


There is little that I'm able to gather about this location except that the station appears to have been built sometime around 1913, while the switch house was constructed two years later.  Major improvements were done to the track around the same time, including construction of the tunnel through which the road passes under the track.  A cut-off line was constructed at approximately the same time that I believe followed what is now the "Endless Riding Trail" to Montrose, PA.  Construction of the cut-off caused great upheaval for the little town, including having the windows constantly shattered by dynamite blasts.

Personal Commentary: 

The first thing that caught my attention, when I looked at this little station, was the thatched roof.  It was an interesting design though it appeared it was on the losing end of the battle with the elements.

The switchhouse, just down the track from the station, however, was fascinating!  The design, the attention to small decorative detail was quite impressive for a place that wasn't publicly accessible.  Rounded doorways, ornate trim and the same tiled roof as the station.

Unfortunately, access to the upper-most floor had been removed so I was unable to get a good look at the line of levers that were visible through an opening.

While a simple place, with empty buildings, this stop was well worth the time.


Submitted by John Knapp on Fri, 08/11/2017 - 20:12


Two corrections: (1) Alford is in PA, not NY and (2) the roof is not thatch (something like tile or ceramic).

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