Appleby House

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Houses Private Property Ontario Canada

We drove past this place twice, uncertain as to whether or not it was truly abandoned. I parked at the end of the driveway and cautiously approached, leaving my camera behind, armed only with a cover-story of needing directions to some imagined train station nearby.

The doors seemed recently installed, and some of the items around the outside seemed disturbingly "unabandoned". Still, the electronic power meter on the pole read zero, and a weathered business card was stuck in the back door, so odds are in my favour.

The front door was slightly ajar, so I slowly opened it and looked inside. Certainly this front room had all the earmarks of abandonment. Most noticeably the junk scattered everywhere. But, some people are very messy. Proceed with caution. Looking deeper into the house, the back room appeared furnished. This gave me pause. It was a nice room, at least from this distance.

Finally, the dead plants hanging from the ceiling encouraged me to enter. When I did, all my concern evaporated as I realized the place had maybe seen a couple of parties recently, but little else.

This is another one of those places you wonder why it was left abandoned. Clearly someone had begun to restore it, and considerable work had been done at some point. The back room with its many windows had a commanding view of the open field beyond, and the woodwork was quite inviting and comfortable. Shame.

NOTE: When I passed this property on November 29, 2015, it was now being lived in. Please do not go here.

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