Commanda Twofer

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Houses Private Property Ontario Canada

While driving along, this place suddenly sprung at me from the left. As I was slowing down to turn around, the next place came at me from the right. Excellent!

I turned around and stopped at the first place. It was sealed up quite tight, but I continued with my exteriors. It was then that I noticed someone had stopped on the road and was parked across the back of my truck. Soon, I heard a quad approaching from the next property over.

I continued taking pictures while he drew closer and asked if he could help us. I explained that I enjoy taking pictures of old houses. He agreed that was a nice pastime and seemed satisfied we weren't there to trash anything.

I informed him I would be taking pictures at the other house across the street as well, and he had no apparent objection.

Oh... if you do find this place... watch the electric fence. It might be on.

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