Palmyra House

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Houses Private Property Ontario Canada

It was a beautiful day and I was beginning my journey back home after a long weekend of checking out what southwestern Ontario had to offer.  A friend on Facebook suggested this location, and I must say that I'm glad he did.

I pulled up in front and quickly noted the freshly cut lawn.  I'd often heard of other visitors seeing someone mowing the lawn here.  He must be fastidious.  I angled around the camper for sale for a reasonably clear shot of the front of the house, and began my exploration with a wary eye on the house next door.

It doesn't have lots of things left behind.  It's not in the greatest shape.  But despite that, there is something clearly unique about it.  Maybe it's the unusual design of the windows in the front.  Maybe it's the strange layout of the upstairs rooms.  Whatever it is, this house had a character all its own, and I was glad for the opportunity to have seen it.

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