Whitefish Falls Hydro Electric Dam

Whitefish Falls Hydro Electric Dam
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Infrastructure Abandoned Ontario Canada
Submitted by Mike on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 15:15

I had heard about this place before, but wasn't completely sure as to its exact whereabouts. One afternoon, while driving to Manitoulin Island, I finally caught a glimpse of it off the embankment as I crossed the bridge.

I entered the small village of Whitefish Falls, and doubled back along a parallel road. This offered me a fantastic view of the old plant from across the water.

I then circled back onto the highway, and found a small driveway just past the bridge. I entered the property on foot, and climbed over the rocks down to the remains of the building. The water was moving surprisingly quickly, and I could make out the shadows of fish apparently sheltering inside the old pipes.

After snapping off some pictures, and taking a moment to admire the local foliage (I swear, I didn't realize that plant was there until someone pointed it out to me afterwards), it was time to continue on my journey.


I had difficulty finding information about the place.  The name now gives me something to work with and revise this entry.

Thanks, Mark!

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