Wasaga Gate House

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Houses Demolished Ontario Canada

So, this stop just kept on giving. First we spotted the Wasaga Roller Rink, and having in the process of parking spotted the Dinosaur Valley location. As we were leaving, we discover this place, apparently part of the same property.

The driveway leading to this house off the main road, circles behind the motel to what may have once been a small parking lot, then continues on to the paint-ball property. At one point it may have been a home, when we had a look at it, it had more the feel of an office, or administrative area.

UPDATE - May 2, 2010: We had an opportunity to speak with a few people who live in Wasaga Beach. They informed us that this place was the entrance to a campground. It has changed hands several times, but nothing substantial has ever happened to it. Every time anyone has tried, it has been blocked as a result of the wetlands on which it is situated.

UPDATE May 14, 2013: During a drive-by today I noticed that this structure has been demolished.

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