Bridge 9

I heard about this place online, and decided it would be a good place to kick off an epic round of exploration. It was a fascinating place, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get inside.

Whitefish Falls Hydro Electric Dam

I had heard about this place before, but wasn't completely sure as to its exact whereabouts. One afternoon, while driving to Manitoulin Island, I finally caught a glimpse of it off the embankment as I crossed the bridge.

I entered the small village of Whitefish Falls, and doubled back along a parallel road. This offered me a fantastic view of the old plant from across the water.

William Birch Rankine Generating Station


After some slowdowns, minor construction began April 30, 1897. This wasn't a serious attempt at construction, but rather just enough to satisfy certain contractual obligations.

Many legal battles and negotiations ensued, and real construction on the site did not begin until May 23, 1901, just over four years later. On January 2, 1905, the station formally opened with two operational 10,000 HP generators producing about 17,000 kilowatts.