Kanichee Mine


Exploratory mining on this property began before 1920. Among the minerals found here was copper, nickel, gold and silver. Between 1933 and 1936, a shaft would be sunk, and a pilot smelter constructed by Cuniptau Mines Ltd.

Murray Mine


Wikipedia indicates that Murray Mine, once a copper and nickel mine, was the first site, responsible for all other mining operations in the Sudbury area. The metals were discovered here in 1883 by Thomas Flanagan, at that time a blacksmith for the CPR.

The mine is named after two of the four original claim holders, Thomas and William Murray. The mine was closed in 1894.


Worthington was incorporated as a mining town in 1892. On October 4, 1927, at 5:50 am, the mine, and part of the town collapsed into a fault line. There were no deaths, however, thanks to the vigilance of the foreman who evacuated the town the night before, having noticed abnormal shifts in the rock.

Some additional information available at Wikipedia.

Capreol Marble Quarry

At one point, I and two of my coworkers created videos of us destroying computers. In one episode, we drove down a back road behind Capreol, Ontario, tied a Dell desktop to the back bumper of my truck, and took it for a drive.

I had never been on this back road before. It was suggested by one of my coworkers.

On my birthday, while wandering by myself in the morning, I decided to go back to that road and see where it went. This is what I found.