Locations by Date

Exploration Year: 2017
Exploration Month: September, 2017
Northern Raceway Abandoned Northern Raceway
Pruce's Motor Inn Abandoned Pruce's Motor Inn
Exploration Month: June, 2017
Kingston Penitentiary Closed Kingston Penitentiary
Exploration Month: May, 2017
Kingston Penitentiary Closed Kingston Penitentiary
Exploration Year: 2016
Exploration Month: October, 2016
Fort George, Quebec Active Linked to Story View of the remaining buildings of the Fort George trading post.
CFS Ramore Abandoned Guardhouse, CFS Ramore
Exploration Month: September, 2016
Little Current Swing Bridge Active Control room of the Little Current Swing Bridge.
Exploration Month: August, 2016
Lakewood Motel Demolished Lakewood Motel
Exploration Year: 2015
Exploration Month: October, 2015
Lowther House Abandoned Linked to Story Lowther House
Infant Jesus Church Abandoned Linked to Story Infant Jesus Church
Exploration Month: September, 2015
Lookout Inn Abandoned Lookout Inn
Skylark Drive In Abandoned Skylark Drive In
Exploration Month: June, 2015
Kanichee Mine Partially Demolished Kanichee Mine
Exploration Year: 2014
Exploration Month: October, 2014
Caderette House Partially Demolished Caderette House
Exploration Month: August, 2014
Burwash - Camp Bison Private Property Camp Bison
Exploration Month: February, 2014
Genesee County Home Active Genesee County Home
Exploration Year: 2013
Exploration Month: September, 2013
Chapleau Hydro Abandoned Chapleau Hydro
Trackside House Semi-active Trackside House
Exploration Year: 2012
Exploration Month: September, 2012
Snodden Road House Abandoned Snodden Road House
Exploration Month: March, 2012
Monteith Mansion Abandoned Monteith Mansion
Exploration Year: 2011 Exploration Year: 2010
Exploration Month: December, 2010
R.L. Hearn Generating Station Abandoned R.L. Hearn Generating Station
Exploration Month: August, 2010
Sunny Brae Stadium Abandoned Sunny Brae Stadium
Exploration Year: 2009
Exploration Month: March, 2009
Pakenham Bridge Active Pakenham Bridge
Balaclava Semi-active Balaclava
Exploration Year: 2008 Exploration Year: 2007
Exploration Month: October, 2007
Milnet Semi-active Milnet
Exploration Month: September, 2007
Manitoulin House 7 Abandoned Manitoulin House 7
Hurricane Speedway Abandoned Hurricane Speedway
Exploration Year: 2006
Exploration Month: October, 2006
CFS Falconbridge Demolished CFS Falconbridge
Exploration Year: 2004
Exploration Month: September, 2004
Burwash - Camp Bison Private Property Camp Bison
Exploration Month: July, 2004
CFS Armstrong Abandoned CFS Armstrong
Exploration Year: 2003
Exploration Month: July, 2003
Cornwallis District High School Demolished Cornwallis District High School