Adelaide House

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Houses Abandoned Ontario Canada

This impressive monument to days gone by stood on the corner of two country roads. Though neglect was clearly creeping up on her, she was doing her best to remain elegant and respectable. As I began to look around inside, I was a little surprised by the signs of family life that took me back to my own childhood. I too grew up in an old farm house. I had many friends whose bedrooms were decorated by wallpaper with race cars or transport trucks. My dad covered his face with soap to shave using a brush just like the one I found.

In many of the houses I explore, I ask myself why it's empty, and more importantly, why so much was left behind. Even now, I think about the memories it evoked in me, and wonder how it couldn't have had a similar effect on one of the boys who grew up in such a room.

I wasn't here for very long, but the time I did spend was spent well.

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