Borge Residence

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Houses Abandoned Ontario Canada

While cruising along the road, I spotted the roof of a barn near the back of a field. I slowed quickly, looking for a driveway in, but saw none. Soon, after passing someone working in his field, I came to another side-street, so I turned and was rewarded with my sought-after driveway. I wasn't able to proceed very far in with my truck, so I got out and continued on foot.

One of the more interesting items here, was a collection of very old records. The only one still in tact was that pictured in the gallery, a routine of the late, great Victor Borge.

NOTE: If you're interested in hearing the comedy routine that was on that record, you can click on this link to hear it.

On the way out, a mutually startling encounter with a turkey finished my visit.

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