North Bay House

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Houses Abandoned Ontario Canada

This was a really random find. I, and a new explorer, had gone to have a look at another abandoned house in North Bay, only to discover that it had completely collapsed, possibly burnt, and clearly had nothing to offer us anymore.

As some of you know, I track all of my finds in a Google Earth file, so I updated the status of this house with a small degree of disappointment. Then, my mouse slipped and caused the map to drift toward the east. When I stopped it, my eye landed on a street where I noticed that the driveway in front of one house didn't seem as used as all the others. Resolution on the satellite pictures sucked, so I zoomed in hoping that the Street View car had wandered into this remote area. Indeed, it had.

Confirming this house was abandoned, I placed a marker on it and resolved to check it out the following week.

With my new exploring buddy in tow, off we went. The house in reality was in worse shape than whenever Google did its drive-by. The roof had collapsed, placing a beam in the perfect location to bar opening the door. The basement was open, but access from there was obstructed by a nailed door. So much for getting a look inside.

The outside, however, was quite interesting in that it was made almost entirely of stone. Not something you see a lot of. There were numerous drain pipes protruding from the walls, all at about the height of the main floor. Perhaps the occupant thought this would make cleaning easier if you could just hose down the floor and have it drain outside.

While small, and not terribly exciting, it was still a beautiful day and nice to be out!

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