Whitefish House

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Houses Abandoned Ontario Canada

When I first found this house a week ago, I was actually hunting for the remains of a power dam.  I made note of the house and decided that on the next opportunity, I would come back and take a closer look.

You can see the place has been completely cleaned out.  Not a single belonging left behind.  I know nothing of the history of the place, but it's obvious that the people who moved from here had ample time and planned to leave.

It's a shame, really, to see this house left alone like this.  It wouldn't take a great deal to get it back into good shape, and the property on which it sits is amazing.


Wow, what a coincidence! We canoed in September, 2017 to the dam and then walked around, finding this abandoned house. It was located close to the dam and to the former railway leading to Manitoulin Island. I took a bunch of photos. I was also wondering who it belonged to--after all, there was a road leading to the main highway and I'm sure a buyer could have been found.

Thanks for sharing!


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