Searchmont Station

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Rail Sites Abandoned Ontario Canada


This station was opened in 1903 as part of the Algoma Central Railway. Searchmont had become an important centre for timber and passenger business was growing until the Railway's changes in fares caused the volume of people departing from, or stopping at this station to drop off severely. By 2000, the station was closed, and the property is now for sale, but being managed in the interim by the Canadian National Railway.

The station was designated a Heritage Railway Station in 1995.

Personal Commentary: 

I had seen this station on a previous visit to Searchmont. After my exploration of Martin Mill, and St. Hubert's Mission Church, I just didn't have the time to stay for a longer look around.

Coming back this time was quite unintentional, but since I found myself here anyway, what the heck. I'm glad I did.


Wow, what a memory looking back at the historical photos of the station. The 1972 photo is how I remember it as a child. I spent many the Saturday morning sitting on those benches waiting for the train ( that was amost always late) while Mr Fedorchuk the stationmaster came around and talked to us all after everyone had tickets. We went to the station this summer (2012) exploring, and it was amazing how it was grown over. The station used to be packed so full that there was nowhere left to park, and now filled with 4 ft tall weeds...

I am happy to say that the station will be rebuilt and updated over the next few years. We are looking for any and all pictures of the station we can get out hands on and to help our architect with the new plans

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