Arnstein House

Category Exploration Date Status Province / State Country
Houses Abandoned Ontario Canada

This place looked like a reasonable prospect on Google Earth. Of course, you never know what you've got until you get there.

When Max and I arrived, there appeared to be no traffic on the driveway for a considerable time. I got out and took a few exterior photos. As I came around the corner of the house I made the brief acquaintance of what had to be an 8-point buck. I'm not sure which of us ended up with the faster heart rate, but he bolted before I could even get my camera up.

The hydro in this house had been turned off and the doors were padlocked, so I assumed I was coming away with nothing. As I returned to the truck, however, I saw something in the woods across the road. A very old truck was displayed on a rock. And beyond that, a boat, and past that, some farm equipment... It just kept going as I went ever-deeper into the woods.

The house itself may not have offered a great deal, but the location was certainly worth the stop.

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