Chapleau Hydro

Since I was in the area on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I thought I would check out the town of Chapleau, Ontario.  I had never been here before and the opportunity presented itself.

Immediately as I was driving in, I spotted this tiny generating station beside the road and decided that I would stop for a look on the way out of town.

Holmes Foundry


Business here began in 1918 as Holmes Blunt Ltd., opened by J.S. Blunt. The foundry manufactured car parts, predominantly engine-casting blocks for Ford.

In 1937, the workers here took part in a sit-down strike. It was shortlived as, 48 hours later, the workers were driven away from the plant by armed and violent hired thugs.

Adelaide House

This impressive monument to days gone by stood on the corner of two country roads. Though neglect was clearly creeping up on her, she was doing her best to remain elegant and respectable. As I began to look around inside, I was a little surprised by the signs of family life that took me back to my own childhood. I too grew up in an old farm house. I had many friends whose bedrooms were decorated by wallpaper with race cars or transport trucks. My dad covered his face with soap to shave using a brush just like the one I found.

Thorndale House

Still out cruising on the long weekend, I spot this place and decide to stop in for a look around. Immediately, I'm impressed by the number of great old items abandoned around the house, and thankful for the interesting light streaming through the windows.

The only drawback was that it was a warm day, and there was no air moving in that house. I'm pretty sure I lost a pound or two in there.

Appin House

I caught a brief glimpse of this place by the side of the road and just had to stop. Its character was just screaming at the world to notice it and come closer. At least that's how I saw it.

The drawback was the two houses across the street. How were the neighbours going to react to my presence?

Chatham Incinerator

The first stop on my long-weekend trip was to explore an abandoned garbage incinerator in the town of Chatham, Ontario. There was very little reliable information on the history, when it was built, when it was decommissioned, etc., but it appeared to be an interesting enough place to check out.

Plum Valley Cabins

As I try to do often while en route to one place, I tell my GPS not to use highways, and end up finding something else. This was such a place.

Along the side of the road, a house and a string of small cabins that were obviously rented out to passers by. I'm not sure what may have caused the small business's demise. Perhaps the Interstate bypassed the area too far away. Perhaps the owners simply gave up the business for a retirement home in Florida.