This status is given to locations I've explored but have since been demolished.  Where possible the date of demolition or the date on which I discovered it was demolished will be provided.

Spooner Street House

I happened to pull off the highway here while on my way west. I had nowhere in particular to be, and thought it might be interesting to take a look around this often-passed little community. It paid off almost immediately.

Update March 12, 2016: I drove past here about two weeks ago and noticed that this house, and the one next to it no longer exist.

Highway 27 House

We had pretty much decided to end our epic day after so many great locations. The sun was setting, and we were very happy explorers.

As we were making our way make to the 400 to go home, we spotted this place, and temptation got the better of us, as it generally does.

UPDATE: This location was demolished sometime between our visit and May, 2014.

Tenth Line House

I spotted this place a fair distance back from the road and just had to stop. A classic old farmhouse, there was even the stone foundation of its former barn a short distance away.

UPDATE: This location was demolished sometime between my visit and October, 2014.

Dinosaur Valley

We spotted in this place amid the trees as we were checking out the Wasaga Roller Rink. It was difficult to determine what it was, exactly, but clearly it was a tourist attraction of some kind.

We did find a sign that appeared to belong to the Wasaga Beach Paint-ball group, which does border on the far side of this property.

Wasaga Roller Rink

I barely spotted this place over a berm of dirt from the road. I wasn't sure at first exactly what condition it might be in, but I doubled back and parked next to the water tower. Then I circled around the tower and came onto the property from behind.

What I found appeared, at first to be a motel. As it turns out, after speaking with some of the locals, this was in fact an outdoor roller rink. Today, however, it appears it's a favourite place for the local kids to party, drink, read porn, and worst of all, skateboard.

Waubaushene House

This was another pleasant surprise shortly after leaving the Old Muskoka Store and Page's House. Part house, possibly part store or even small bar, this place featured a few outbuildings that sorta made up for the fact that entry was difficult.

We didn't go inside the main building as the only entry point was a broken window with shards of glass that would likely have been incompatible with my shorts.

Rutter House

We've driven past this place countless times yet somehow, we kept missing it. Not until wandering for a look along Station Road, on the opposite side of the railway tracks, did we actually notice the place and realize it was abandoned.

While the interior lacked anything exciting, being completely gutted, the stone exterior was quite interesting, and hinted that perhaps this house had stood here for many years.

Highway 60 House

We spotted this little place while on our way elsewhere. As often happens when driving with me, we quickly came to a stop and turned around.

It appeared as though its last use was more of a hunting camp than actual home. We were surprised to find three televisions on the property, but there were a few other interesting things around too.

UPDATE: This location appears to have been demolished sometime between my visit and September, 2013.

Callander Motel

I had heard about this place through a fellow explorer although he wasn't entirely sure where it was. He had found it by accident after making a series of wrong turns while on his way elsewhere.

I was able to find it easily enough and it was quite worth the extra distance. Almost all of the rooms were open for inspection, though they really didn't yield much of interest.