Lavigne School

Lavigne School
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Schools and Institutions Abandoned Ontario Canada
Submitted by Mike on Mon, 11/23/2009 - 15:15

We noticed this place as we wandered the back roads of Lavigne. Our attention was first drawn by the outdoor skating rink, but quickly noticed the boarded-up windows of the nearby building.

The remnants of the sign indicate that it was once called Ecole de la Visitation, and was apparently later used by the municipality for social programs.

We decided to divert out here for a look on the way to Toronto. Since there are houses directly across the narrow street, we decided we may as well be obvious about it and at least scout the exterior for a point of entry. If we were successful, we could always come back later with less obvious approach.

The building was closed up quite tight so getting interiors was out for now. We finished up the exteriors and went on about our way. As we were turning off the street back onto Highway 64, a smurfs cruiser turned onto it. Coincidence?

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