Callander Motel

Callander Motel
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Gas / Motels / Hotels Demolished Ontario Canada
Submitted by Mike on Tue, 09/01/2009 - 15:15

I had heard about this place through a fellow explorer although he wasn't entirely sure where it was. He had found it by accident after making a series of wrong turns while on his way elsewhere.

I was able to find it easily enough and it was quite worth the extra distance. Almost all of the rooms were open for inspection, though they really didn't yield much of interest.

The house, however, was an entirely different story. I was amazed at all the little corners, turns, multiple levels, etc. that had been built into or onto this house. It was quite entertaining.

What came as a particular shock were the unspent plastic bullets and the used flashbang grenade.

If you're unfamiliar with flashbangs, they're used to gain tactical advantage when entering a room with armed adversaries. You pull the pin and throw it in like a grenade and then pull back. The flash and bang for which it's named will temporarily shock and disorient those in the room, giving those entering the advantage.

What these objects were doing in this house is uncertain. Perhaps the smurfs were training here.

Update April 4, 2010: When driving by this afternoon, I discovered that this location has been demolished.

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