Thorndale House

Still out cruising on the long weekend, I spot this place and decide to stop in for a look around. Immediately, I'm impressed by the number of great old items abandoned around the house, and thankful for the interesting light streaming through the windows.

The only drawback was that it was a warm day, and there was no air moving in that house. I'm pretty sure I lost a pound or two in there.

Appin House

I caught a brief glimpse of this place by the side of the road and just had to stop. Its character was just screaming at the world to notice it and come closer. At least that's how I saw it.

The drawback was the two houses across the street. How were the neighbours going to react to my presence?

Chatham Incinerator

The first stop on my long-weekend trip was to explore an abandoned garbage incinerator in the town of Chatham, Ontario. There was very little reliable information on the history, when it was built, when it was decommissioned, etc., but it appeared to be an interesting enough place to check out.

Parham Mill

I spotted this place buried under the foliage and stopped in for a look. Almost immediately, however, I was set upon by a ravenous flock of mosquitoes who seemed determined to bleed me dry.

Unfortunately, I didn't stay long.

Ahmic Harbour House

Driving along on a beautiful, warm, sunny day, I was following a generous hint left to me by a fellow explorer, Ms. Kendall (thank you!).

The house and surrounding grounds are filled will all manner of interesting things to look at, but after a little bit, the smell of animal feces inside was getting to me as were the newly awakening, somewhat ravenous bugs.

A great day for a drive!

Blairhampton House

While spending a typical Sunday afternoon wandering back roads, I spotted this interesting little place. Initially, nothing was really outstanding about the place until I noticed something.

In a few spots around the yard were holes in the ground. Not just any holes... Holes that were just the right length, width and not a bad depth for a grave. I'm sure they weren't... were they?

You decide.

Dutch Line House

While cruising along the back roads of Ontario on another Sunday drive, I noticed this little place peeking out from the surrounding trees. The first glance tells you it's probably pretty darned old. I found the wood trim around the outside quite interesting.

Inside it's in surprisingly good shape, and I wonder if someone hadn't tried to make another go of it, perhaps as a camp or summer get-away. In any event, while there wasn't a lot inside, I still found the whole look and feel of it to be quite interesting.

Rankin House

Another place that I've driven past countless times and somehow missed. Better late than never, perhaps.

Lots of interesting things to see inside, it appears that someone has pretty much piled up all of a lifetime's worth of junk, or maybe more. Even the grounds surrounding this house are an open warehouse of things someone must have use for.

But it's these things that make a place even more interesting than it already is, so I'm grateful for that.

Breton's Restaurant and Motel

So, I've driven along this road countless times, and somehow this doesn't register on me until a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, sometimes I have tunnel vision.

It's not the most exciting place in the world. When I say it's gutted, I MEAN it's GUTTED. In the main building, there isn't even a floor left. It appears that someone had cut a hole in the end wall, and just drove a bulldozer in. There's even a dirt ramp to get in and out from the inside.