While few locations are ever truly abandoned, this status indicates that the property is not currently occupied or receiving much in the way of upkeep or maintenance.

Stubbert's Point Battery

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Constructed in 1939, Stubbert's Point Battery was part of the rather formidable defense network for the protection of Sydney, Nova Scotia. The battery was originally equipped with two 6-pounder Hotchkiss guns, but was later equipped with a 6-poinder duplex quick-firing gun. In addition, three search lights were constructed here to help guard the anti-submarine net that stretched across the harbour.

Redcliff AFS

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The location on which the radar station was constructed was originally a World War II coastal battery. Construction of the site began in 1952, and was completed the following year when it officially began operations. It was built, financed and operated by the United States Air Force during its complete life-span of 9 years.

NAS Argentia

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Construction of Naval Air Station (NAS) Argentia began on January 25, 1941 and was completed that July. In order to build this base in anticipation of the US's involvement in World War II, over 400 families were displaced from the land by the Government of Newfoundland. While they had been paid for their property, they were uprooted from land on which generations before them had lived, and moved into other communities that were already struggling with the population they had.

Glovertown Pulp and Paper

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The Terra Nova Sulphite Company sought funding for the construction of a new pulp and paper mill near present-day Glovertown, Newfoundland. The location was considered ideal because it was close to sea lanes, railways and a river for transporting logs and generating electricity.

Sheppardton School House

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Continuing along with our day of exploration, I spotted this gem immediately after having made a random decision to turn.  Large birds of prey circled me overhead, presumably because I was intruding on what they considered to be their territory.  They flew their holding pattern throughout the duration of my brief visit, but offered no resistance.

Tiverton House

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Out on a lengthy drive celebrating the long weekend, I spotted this place through the trees and decided to have a look.  Noting that there was a house across the street with a clear view, I decided that it would be prudent to first make nice with the neighbours.