The property is in active use and should probably be avoided.

Fort George, Quebec

After two days of driving, experiencing the James Bay Road, and eventually falling asleep under the blanket of Northern Lights, I awoke Tuesday morning excited and raring to go. I was to meet Roger, my contact, at his business in Chisasibi, a First Nations community about 100 km west of Radision, QC.

Fergus Falls State Hospital


In the late 1880's, overcrowding at Minnesota's two main psychiatric facilities prompted the state to begin looking at the construction of a third. The legislature passed a bill allocating $24,280 for the purchase of 596 acres of land, and a further $70,000 for construction of the required buildings.

St. John's Anglican Church

In 2001, this incredible, old church burned almost to the ground. The committee faced three choices. First, to place a monument on the location of the church and move on. Second, to build a new, more modern church. Third, and most expensively, to build the church as an exact replica of the original. Obviously from the pictures, they chose the third, and most difficult option.

Bristol Mine


Iron Mining began in this Quebec community as early as 1872. This specific open-pit operation began in 1956, under Hilton Mines. It featured one of the first ore-pelletizing plants in Canada. Production apparently ended, for the most part, in 1976.

Christ the King Church (Sudbury)


The idea for this church began in 1917, in recognition of the growing number of English-speaking parishioners in Sudbury. However, many construction slow-downs by factors including World War I delayed the laying of the corner stone until June 17, 1928. Construction would continue to be hampered when the right wall blew out in 1928 as the result of a major windstorm.

On September 29, 1929, the church was finally dedicated and blessed by Bishop Scollard.

Nairn Power Station

This is one of five generating stations operated by Inco, this one entering service in 1915 under Mond Nickel.

According to a Northern Life article, Inco generates a combined 55 megawatts of electricity, representing approximately 20% of the company's total usage.

Lorne Falls Power Station

One of five power generating stations operated by Inco. It's a shame really, because they are blocking the only view of what appears to be a beautiful water fall.

According to a Northern Life article (see attached), Inco generates a combined 55 megawatts of electricity, representing approximately 20% of the company's total usage.