About this Site

The Three A-me-goes

Since 2006, this site has been devoted to my intense love of abandoned buildings, ghost towns and generally historical things.  Specifically, it displays the places I've explored, and the photos I've taken while there.

This site also shows some of the other really interesting things going on in the exploration community right now, and hopefully inspires those who are not yet involved in the hobby to join in.

I will be constantly adding new content, new features, and making general changes.  Not to mention the addition of photo galleries as my explorations continue.  Stop by often to see the latest.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me at mike@mikeonline.ca.


This site employes the Drupal content management system.  This is an open source, completely free package with many third-party modules and themes to customize the look and function of the site.

My photos are mostly shot with a Nikon D5100 DSLR in RAW format, and processed using Adobe Photoshop.

I record video with my Contour GPS head-mounted video camera, the Nikon D5100, the stabilized DJI Osmo, or the Phantom 2 Vision drone.  The video and slide shows are edited and produced using Adobe Premiere Pro.  They are hosted and streamed from YouTube.

Fun Facts