Rail Sites

Manchester Roundhouse


The Lehigh Valley Railroad (LVRR)  was created originally to transport coal from Pennsylvania in 1846, but it soon began carrying passengers as well.  To help with its growing needs, a large freight yard in Manchester, NY was constructed and opened in 1892 where the company apparently the company loaded and unloaded more than 100 freight cars per day.  The yard was, at the time, was considered the largest in the world, employing over 1000 workers.

Conklin Roundhouse

Nothing on the ground is ever as easy as it appears on Google Earth.  This is a rule I keep close in mind, but sometimes my explorations like to make a point of it.

This was such a case, but was incredibly worth it.  The lighting through the autumn leaves and slightly overcast skies was perfect.  As I stepped inside this massive building I was instantly struck by it.  Not something that I felt at the other roundhouse yesterday.  Something very different.  Something I was really digging!

Foleyet Concrete Tower

During a rather lengthy drive up north, I found myself in a tiny town, Foleyet. As the story goes, the town was to be named Foley, but as there was already a town named Foley, the Post Office refused to accept that name. The townspeople, wanting to pay tribute to the town's founders, would say, "We'll get it named Foley yet." Allegedly, the name stuck.

Initially, I thought this concrete tower was to hold water for steam engines. However, I've since been informed that was not its purpose.