Rail Sites

Foleyet Concrete Tower

During a rather lengthy drive up north, I found myself in a tiny town, Foleyet. As the story goes, the town was to be named Foley, but as there was already a town named Foley, the Post Office refused to accept that name. The townspeople, wanting to pay tribute to the town's founders, would say, "We'll get it named Foley yet." Allegedly, the name stuck.

Initially, I thought this concrete tower was to hold water for steam engines. However, I've since been informed that was not its purpose.

Britt Railroad Station

I stumbled upon this little gem entirely by accident. I was spending a relaxing, sunny day driving around, following back roads off Highway 69. At the end of one road in particular, I find this.

I've since heard that this was not the original location of the building, but rather that it had been moved here. That certainly explains why it's so far from the tracks.