Locations by Date

Exploration Year: 2016
Exploration Month: October, 2016
Fort George, Quebec Linked to Story View of the remaining buildings of the Fort George trading post.
Exploration Month: September, 2016
Little Current Swing Bridge Control room of the Little Current Swing Bridge.
Exploration Month: August, 2016
Lakewood Motel Lakewood Motel
Exploration Month: July, 2016
SS Norisle SS Norisle
Hagar House Hagar House
Washagami House 1 Washagami House 1
Washagami House 2 Washagami House 2
Exploration Month: April, 2016
Byers House Byers House
Prairie Lodge Motel and Nearby Garage Prairie Lodge Motel and Nearby Garage
Roggen House Roggen House
Goldfield and Victor, Colorado Goldfield and Victor, Colorado
Exploration Year: 2014
Exploration Year: 2010
Exploration Month: December, 2010
R.L. Hearn Generating Station R.L. Hearn Generating Station
Exploration Month: November, 2010
Birch Island House Birch Island House
Manitoulin House 15 Manitoulin House 15
Exploration Month: October, 2010
Muskoka Centre Cafeteria line at the Muskoka Centre.
Biscotasing Church Biscotasing Church
Vagabond Motel Vagabond Motel
Old Wanup Road House Old Wanup Road House
Jumbo Road House Jumbo Road House
Exploration Month: September, 2010
Manitoulin House 12 Manitoulin House 12
Manitoulin House 13 Manitoulin House 13
French River House French River House
Warren House 2 Warren House 2
Roadside Restaurant and Gas Roadside Restaurant and Gas
Exploration Month: August, 2010
Sunny Brae Stadium Sunny Brae Stadium
Exploration Month: July, 2010
Fort McNutt Fort McNutt
McNutt's Island Lighthouse McNutt's Island Lighthouse
York Redoubt - York Shore Battery York Redoubt - York Shore Battery
RCAF Beaverbank RCAF Beaverbank
St. John's Anglican Church St. John's Anglican Church
Lower Branch Sawmill Lower Branch Sawmill
Teleglobe Canada Teleglobe Canada
George's Island George's Island
Partridge Island Partridge Island
Textiles Belding Corticelli Textiles Belding Corticelli
Rockwood Asylum for the Criminally Insane Rockwood Asylum
Meech Lake Carbide Mill Meech Lake Carbide Mill
Exploration Month: June, 2010
Commanda Twofer Commanda Twofer
Meadowside House 2 Meadowside House 2
Ross Mine Ross Mine
Exploration Month: May, 2010
Buttons Corners House Buttons Corners House
Capitol Mine Capitol Mine
Hudson Bay Mine Hudson Bay Mine
Osseo House Osseo House
Highway 17 House 5 Highway 17 House 5
Searchmont Station Searchmont Station
Adams Mine Adams Mine
Highway 11 House Highway 11 House
Morel House Morel House
Grey Road House Grey Road House
Highway 26 House Highway 26 House
Highway 27 House 2 Highway 27 House 2
Wasaga Race Track Wasaga Race Track
Exploration Month: April, 2010
Baseline Stone House Baseline Stone House
Hardwood Drive House Hardwood Drive House
Highway 17 House 4 Highway 17 House 4
Milford Haven House Milford Haven House
Spooner Street House Spooner Street House
Thessalon Marine Thessalon Marine
Magnetawan House Magnetawan House
Parry Sound Hospital Parry Sound Hospital
Pioneer Church Pioneer Church
Screaming Heads Screaming Heads
Seguin House Seguin House
Parry Sound Hospital Parry Sound Hospital
Sophers Landing House Sophers Landing House
Meadowside House Meadowside House
Sunset Cove House Sunset Cove House
Collingwood Drive In Collingwood Drive In
Collingwood Grain Elevator Collingwood Grain Elevator
Dinosaur Valley Dinosaur Valley
Highway 27 House Highway 27 House
Highway 29 Drive In Highway 29 Drive In
Horseshoe Lake Road House Horseshoe Lake Road House
Osler Castle Osler Castle
Page's House Page's House
Tenth Line House Tenth Line House
The Muskoka Store The Muskoka Store
Wasaga Gate House Wasaga Gate House
Wasaga Roller Rink Wasaga Roller Rink
Waubaushene House Waubaushene House
Exploration Month: March, 2010
Geneva Lake Mine Geneva Lake Mine
Bristol Mine Bristol Mine
Bristol Mines Road House Bristol Mines Road House
Portage-du-Fort House Portage-du-Fort House
Exploration Month: February, 2010
Christ the King Church (Sudbury) Christ the King Church (Sudbury)
Kanichee Mine Kanichee Mine
Exploration Year: 2009
Exploration Month: November, 2009
Eglinton Bus Garage Eglinton Bus Garage
Lavigne School Lavigne School
BL Morrison Mine BL Morrison Mine
Tyranite Mine Tyranite Mine
Channel Road House Channel Road House
East Road House 1 East Road House 1
East Road House 2 East Road House 2
Monetville House Monetville House
Rutter House Rutter House
Exploration Month: October, 2009
Lower Bay Subway Station Linked to Story Lower Bay Subway Station
Lower Queen Streetcar Station Linked to Story Lower Queen Streetcar Station
Mayer Road House Mayer Road House
Ouellette House 2 Ouellette House 2
Greenwood House Greenwood House
CFS Carp - Diefenbunker CFS Carp - Diefenbunker
Appleby House Appleby House
Beauparlant Road House Beauparlant Road House
Montee Brazeau House Montee Brazeau House
Exploration Month: September, 2009
Dokis House Dokis House
West Arm House 1 West Arm House 1
West Arm House 2 West Arm House 2
Marsh Road House Marsh Road House
Highway 60 House Highway 60 House
Rockingham Church Rockingham Church
Maynooth Station Maynooth Station
Standard Chemical Ltd. Standard Chemical Ltd.
Exploration Month: August, 2009
Old Don Jail Old Don Jail
Bonfield House Bonfield House
Callander Motel Callander Motel
Highway 64 House Highway 64 House
Latvian Beer House Latvian Beer House
Ouellette House 1 Ouellette House 1
Cobalt Refinery Cobalt Refinery
Cobalt House 2 Cobalt House 2
Cobalt House 3 Cobalt House 3
Cobalt House 4 Cobalt House 4
Harrison-Hibert Mine Harrison-Hibert Mine
Kerr Addison Mine Kerr Addison Mine
Mill 104 Mill 104
O'Brien Mine O'Brien Mine
Silver Banner Mine Silver Banner Mine
Bigwood Service Centre Bigwood Service Centre
Long Branch Arsenal Long Branch Arsenal
Long Branch Hotel Long Branch Hotel
Still River Truck Stop Still River Truck Stop
Woods Gas Station Woods Gas Station
Harmony House Harmony House
Martin Mill Martin Mill
St. Hubert Mission Church St. Hubert Mission Church
Exploration Month: July, 2009
Manitoulin House 10 Manitoulin House 10
Manitoulin House 11 Manitoulin House 11
Manitoulin House 9 Manitoulin House 9
Blezard Barns Blezard Barns
Lorne Falls Power Station Lorne Falls Power Station
Nairn Power Station Nairn Power Station
Exploration Month: June, 2009
McVittie Generating Station McVittie Generating Station
Naughton Garage Naughton Garage
Panache Lake Road Houses Panache Lake Road Houses
Sudbury Bus Depot Sudbury Bus Depot
Stinson Hydroelectric Generating Station Stinson Hydroelectric Generating Station
Chelmsford House Chelmsford House
Majestic Mine Majestic Mine
Exploration Month: May, 2009
Markstay House Markstay House
Agnew Lake Mine Agnew Lake Mine
Grassy Lake Road House Grassy Lake Road House
Tower Road House Tower Road House
Exploration Month: April, 2009
St. Joseph's Girls Indian Residential School Front view of St. Joseph's Girls' Indian Residential School
Millbrook Correctional Centre Millbrook Correctional Centre
Exploration Month: March, 2009
Pakenham Bridge Pakenham Bridge
Balaclava Balaclava
Exploration Year: 2006
Exploration Month: October, 2006
CFS Falconbridge CFS Falconbridge
Exploration Month: August, 2006
Port Dover House Port Dover House
William Birch Rankine Generating Station William Birch Rankine Generating Station
Exploration Month: July, 2006
Warren House Warren House
Britt Railroad Station Britt Railroad Station
Exploration Year: 2004
Exploration Month: September, 2004
Burwash - Camp Bison Camp Bison
Exploration Month: July, 2004
CFS Armstrong CFS Armstrong
Exploration Year: 2003
Exploration Month: July, 2003
Cornwallis District High School Cornwallis District High School