Whitefish House

When I first found this house a week ago, I was actually hunting for the remains of a power dam.  I made note of the house and decided that on the next opportunity, I would come back and take a closer look.

You can see the place has been completely cleaned out.  Not a single belonging left behind.  I know nothing of the history of the place, but it's obvious that the people who moved from here had ample time and planned to leave.

Prairie Lodge Motel and Nearby Garage

With free time from a conference, and a rental car at my disposal, my tour of rural Colorado continued.  The intersection of a small, almost ghost town, just off the highway immediately showed me an interesting little gas station.  It was a call-back to the days when you get your car fixed at most gas stations, and everything was about service.  Days long gone.

Across the road, I spotted a sign that caught my interest... A motel!  Excellent!

Touring the TTC

I received word that I would be granted access to the Bay Lower subway station, and the incomplete Queen Lower streetcar station.  My daughter and I took the day off, grabbed our camera gear and with no shortage of anticipation, made our 4-hour journey into Toronto.  We found a place to park and made our way to the Bay Street station where we waited for the lady from the TTC who would be our guide.  Moments afterward, she arrived and ushered us through the gates.  Small though it may seem, I have to admit to a little rush of glee and going past the turnstiles without paying.