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Category: Churches, Etc.
Infant Jesus Church Abandoned Linked to Story Infant Jesus Church
Category: Commercial
Northern Raceway Abandoned Northern Raceway
Skylark Drive In Abandoned Skylark Drive In
Category: Gas / Motels / Hotels
Breton's Restaurant and Motel Abandoned Breton's Restaurant and Motel
Lakewood Motel Demolished Lakewood Motel
Lookout Inn Abandoned Lookout Inn
Physical Culture Hotel Abandoned Physical Culture Hotel
Plum Valley Cabins Abandoned Plum Valley Cabins
Prairie Lodge Motel and Nearby Garage Abandoned Prairie Lodge Motel and Nearby Garage
Pruce's Motor Inn Abandoned Pruce's Motor Inn
Category: Ghost Towns
Centralia Public Centralia
Depot Harbour Abandoned Depot Harbour
Fort George, Quebec Active Linked to Story View of the remaining buildings of the Fort George trading post.
Fricks Lock Abandoned Fricks Lock
Goldfield and Victor, Colorado Semi-active Goldfield and Victor, Colorado
Jackfish Ghost Town Semi-active Jackfish Ghost Town
Category: Houses
Arnstein House Abandoned Arnstein House
Bentpath House Abandoned Bentpath House
Birch Island House 2 Abandoned Birch Island House 2
Byers House Abandoned Byers House
Caderette House Partially Demolished Caderette House
Carr Houses Abandoned Carr Houses
Cartier House Abandoned Cartier House
Casimir House 1 Abandoned Casimir House 1
Casimir House 2 Abandoned Casimir House 2
Cochrane House Demolished Cochrane House
Concrete City Abandoned Concrete City
Deer Lake House Abandoned Deer Lake House
Dionne Road House Abandoned Dionne Road House
Elbow Ridge House Abandoned Elbow Ridge House
Gratton House Abandoned Gratton House
Hagar House Abandoned Hagar House
Harmony House Demolished Harmony House
Kamp Kantola Abandoned Kamp Kantola
Lowther House Abandoned Linked to Story Lowther House
Muskosung Lake House Abandoned Muskosung Lake House
Roggen House Abandoned Roggen House
Washagami House 1 Abandoned Washagami House 1
Washagami House 2 Abandoned Washagami House 2
Whitefish House Abandoned Whitefish House
Category: Industrial
Bannerman's Arsenal Public Bannerman's Arsenal
Bayless Pulp and Paper Abandoned Bayless Pulp and Paper
Buffalo Malting Company Abandoned Buffalo Malting Company
Cascade Mill Abandoned Cascade Mill
Curtis Wright Buffalo Abandoned Curtis Wright Buffalo
Field Lumber Abandoned Field Lumber
Flintkote Factory Demolished Flintkote Factory
Forest Castle Brewery Abandoned Forest Castle Brewery
Glovertown Pulp and Paper Abandoned Glovertown Pulp and Paper
Holmes Foundry Abandoned Holmes Foundry
Lockport Generating Station Demolished Lockport Generating Station
Meech Lake Carbide Mill Abandoned Meech Lake Carbide Mill
Milo Mill Abandoned Milo Mill
Oranienburg Bakery Abandoned Oranienburg Bakery
Orenda Engines Demolished Orenda Engines
Parham Mill Abandoned Parham Mill
Peenemunde Power Plant and Museum Public Peenemunde Power Plant and Museum
St. Nicholas Coal Breaker Partially Demolished St. Nicholas Coal Breaker
Victoria Island Carbide Mill Public Victoria Island Carbide Mill
Category: Infrastructure
Chapleau Hydro Abandoned Chapleau Hydro
Chatham Incinerator Abandoned Chatham Incinerator
Hintonburg Pumping Station Abandoned Hintonburg Pumping Station
Little Current Swing Bridge Active Little Current Swing Bridge
Lower Bay Subway Station Closed Linked to Story Lower Bay Subway Station
Lower Queen Streetcar Station Repurposed Linked to Story Lower Queen Streetcar Station
R.L. Hearn Generating Station Abandoned R.L. Hearn Generating Station
Tiny Abandoned Airport Abandoned Tiny Abandoned Airport
Category: Military
Antigo AFS Repurposed Antigo AFS
BOMARC Missile Repurposed BOMARC Missile
Calumet AFS Abandoned Calumet AFS
Camp Hero Public Camp Hero
CFS Armstrong Abandoned CFS Armstrong
CFS Ramore Abandoned CFS Ramore
Chapel Point Battery Abandoned Chapel Point Battery
Cranberry Point Battery Abandoned Cranberry Point Battery
Floyd Bennett Field Public Floyd Bennett Field
Fort Amherst Abandoned Fort Amherst
Fort Foster Public Fort Foster
Fort Tilden Public Fort Tilden
Fort Wetherill Public Fort Wetherill
Fort William and Mary Public Fort William and Mary
Fortuna AFS Abandoned Fortuna AFS
Lowen-Adler Kaserne Abandoned Lowen-Adler Kaserne
Mid Canada Line Test Site 012 Abandoned Mid Canada Line Test Site 012
NAS Argentia Abandoned NAS Argentia
North Truro AFS Semi-active North Truro AFS
November 33 and Oscar 0 Public November 33 and Oscar 0
RCAF Botwood Public RCAF Botwood
RCAF Rivers Repurposed RCAF Rivers
Redcliff AFS Abandoned Redcliff AFS
Sandy Hook Public Sandy Hook
Sperenberg Airbase Abandoned Sperenberg Airbase
Streator DEW Training Facility Private Property Streator DEW Training Facility
Stubbert's Point Battery Abandoned Stubbert's Point Battery
Versuchskommando Nord Barracks Abandoned Versuchskommando Nord Barracks
Category: Mining
Centennial Mine Partially Demolished Centennial Mine
Cobalt Silver Mines Public Cobalt Silver Mines
Kanichee Mine Partially Demolished Kanichee Mine
Osceola Mine 13 Abandoned Osceola Mine 13
Quincy Mine Public Quincy Mine
Quincy Stamp Mill Abandoned Quincy Stamp Mill
Tyranite Mine Abandoned Tyranite Mine
Category: Other
SS Norisle Closed SS Norisle
Wasaga Race Track Abandoned Wasaga Race Track
Category: Prisons / Jails
Auschwitz I Public Auschwitz I
Auschwitz II - Birkenau Public Auschwitz II - Birkenau
Camp Bison Private Property Camp Bison
Eastern State Penitentiary Public Eastern State Penitentiary
Kingston Penitentiary Closed Kingston Penitentiary
Millbrook Correctional Centre Demolished Millbrook Correctional Centre
Ravensbruck Concentration Camp Public Ravensbruck Concentration Camp
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Public Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
Category: Rail Sites
Alford Station and Switch House Abandoned Alford Station and Switch House
Buffalo Central Terminal Public Buffalo Central Terminal
Conklin Roundhouse Abandoned Conklin Roundhouse
Coxton Yard Semi-active Coxton Yard
Foleyet Concrete Tower Abandoned Foleyet Concrete Tower
Manchester Roundhouse Abandoned Manchester Roundhouse
Category: Schools and Institutions
Beelitz Repurposed Beelitz
Birtle Indian Residential School Abandoned Birtle Indian Residential School
Fergus Falls State Hospital Active Fergus Falls State Hospital
Genesee County Home Active Genesee County Home
Greystone Park Psychiatric Demolished Greystone Park Psychiatric
Houghton County Poorhouse Abandoned Houghton County Poorhouse
Muskoka Centre Abandoned Muskoka Centre
Staten Island Poor Colony Abandoned Staten Island Poor Colony
West Mountain Sanitorium Abandoned West Mountain Sanitorium