Harmony House

This place gives you the creeps pretty much the moment you walk in. Perhaps it's the fact that the beds are made, or that everything looks very lived-in. Perhaps it's the number of personal belongings scattered everywhere that you can't imagine anyone leaving without. Perhaps it's something else.

Millbrook Correctional Centre


Opened in 1957, Millbrook Correctional Centre became the Ontario Government's only maximum security facility. It would also see a significant amount of trouble during its 46 years of service.

On April 18, 2000, a Vietnamese immigration prisoner died in custody under what was called suspicious circumstances after allegedly being beaten by guards. This incident would then spark a hunger strike.

Foleyet Concrete Tower

During a rather lengthy drive up north, I found myself in a tiny town, Foleyet. As the story goes, the town was to be named Foley, but as there was already a town named Foley, the Post Office refused to accept that name. The townspeople, wanting to pay tribute to the town's founders, would say, "We'll get it named Foley yet." Allegedly, the name stuck.

Initially, I thought this concrete tower was to hold water for steam engines. However, I've since been informed that was not its purpose.

CFS Ramore


Construction was completed on the USAF's Ramore Air Station in 1953. The station was first manned by the USAF's 912th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron. The early warning 917th AC&W Squadron resided there until January 1962. During this time, the Americans became a big part of the surrounding area's community life.

Cartier House

This was the result of a random, late-night drive. I ended up in Cartier, Ontario, and a small dirt road that appeared to parallel the railway. When I reached the end of what turned out to be a driveway, I found the foundation of this old house.

Later, I came back during the day to grab these shots.

Hintonburg Pumping Station

Built in 1895, this structure was originally the pumping station for city water to the residents of Hintonburg. When that town was later annexed by Ottawa, it was converted to a residence and gatehouse for the Lemieux Island Filtration Plant which opened in 1932. Later designated a heritage property in 1987, sadly in 1989 the building burned.

Cobalt Silver Mines


Cobalt is a town founded on silver mining. In 1903, while constructing the railway, silver was discovered, and a town was born. 400 mines later, there isn't much happening in Cobalt today, but there's LOTS to explore.

Additional information available on Wikipedia.

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