Concrete City


These buildings were opened in 1913 to provide model housing for key, "high value" employees and supervisors of the DL & W Railroad's Coal Division, who paid a rent of $8.00 per month. In 2008 dollars, using the Consumer Price Index, that would be $179.42. One additional requirement of these employees was that they had to speak English as their first language.



Settlement here began as early as 1841, but it wasn’t until 1854 that the town, then known as Centerville, would be formally laid out. In 1865, the Post Office would open, changing the name to Centralia as it would be officially incorporated the following year.

Coal mining was the principal employer in the region until the 1960’s when many of the companies would begin going out of business.

Pennhurst State School


Opened in 1908, Pennhurst was a school for disabled students. Covering 1400 acres, this enormous institution would be accused of dehumanization, and eventually abuse of its students before finally closing in 1986 in the grip of yet more scandal.

Personal Commentary: 

I wasn't here very long before the authorities kindly requested I not be.

Fruit Mill

This was an out-of-the-way stop on my wandering. Unfortunately, it was sealed up tight and I was unable to get a look at the inside. It looked as though it was once a busy place, and as I looked around, a horse and carriage went by, almost as a reminder of the days past.