Caderette House


At one point in its history, this house was occupied by two brothers, Richard and Lionel Sabourin. They were successful milk producers with over 40 head of cattle. They were known to be fairly well off, and had privately mortgaged several other people.

Sheppardton School House

Continuing along with our day of exploration, I spotted this gem immediately after having made a random decision to turn.  Large birds of prey circled me overhead, presumably because I was intruding on what they considered to be their territory.  They flew their holding pattern throughout the duration of my brief visit, but offered no resistance.

Tiverton House

Out on a lengthy drive celebrating the long weekend, I spotted this place through the trees and decided to have a look.  Noting that there was a house across the street with a clear view, I decided that it would be prudent to first make nice with the neighbours.

Lindsay House

On a long Sunday drive, we found ourselves in Lindsay, Ontario.  It's a nice town, if you ever get the chance to see it.  While heading out of town on our way back, however, we spotted this place and decided to stop for a look.

Unfortunately, it was boarded up pretty good, so inside shots were not an option.  The rest of the property didn't have a lot to offer, but it was a nice diversion just the same.

Chapleau Hydro

Since I was in the area on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I thought I would check out the town of Chapleau, Ontario.  I had never been here before and the opportunity presented itself.

Immediately as I was driving in, I spotted this tiny generating station beside the road and decided that I would stop for a look on the way out of town.

Palmyra House

It was a beautiful day and I was beginning my journey back home after a long weekend of checking out what southwestern Ontario had to offer.  A friend on Facebook suggested this location, and I must say that I'm glad he did.

Holmes Foundry


Business here began in 1918 as Holmes Blunt Ltd., opened by J.S. Blunt. The foundry manufactured car parts, predominantly engine-casting blocks for Ford.

In 1937, the workers here took part in a sit-down strike. It was shortlived as, 48 hours later, the workers were driven away from the plant by armed and violent hired thugs.

Adelaide House

This impressive monument to days gone by stood on the corner of two country roads. Though neglect was clearly creeping up on her, she was doing her best to remain elegant and respectable. As I began to look around inside, I was a little surprised by the signs of family life that took me back to my own childhood. I too grew up in an old farm house. I had many friends whose bedrooms were decorated by wallpaper with race cars or transport trucks. My dad covered his face with soap to shave using a brush just like the one I found.