Auschwitz I

With Germany's quick victory over Poland, there was a division of territory according to an earlier agreement between Hitler and Stalin. The eastern portion of Poland would be given to the Soviet Union. There would be a central buffer zone, and the western portion of the country would become part of Germany.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

One who follows history cannot possibly go to Germany without setting aside the time to visit at least one of the former Nazi camps. During our trip, we visited two in Germany, and two in Poland. This was the first we visited, which was fitting because it was, in fact, the first of the system of camps, and was intended to be the model by which the subsequent camps were to be made and operated.

RCAF Botwood


Aviation has been a part of Botwood for a very long time.  As early as the 1930's, Charles and Anne Lindbergh arrived here and recommended it as a stop-over for sea-planes flying across the Atlantic Ocean.  The recommendation was accepted, and air lines like Pan American began scheduled flights.